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Come Work With Us

At Detecht our mission is to build the best possible motorcycle app for people that loves to drive. We believe if you passionated what you’re doing, surrounded by inspiring and driven colleagues in an environment focusing on growth and personal development, we will achieve great things!

Gothenburg Based Startup

We’re based at Stena Center in the middle of Gothenburg’s startups scene. Some of us drives motorcycle, some don’t, some loves coding, but all of us want to build the best possible product determine to help the motorcycle community today and in the future. We’re currently involved in Chalmers Ventures Accelerator Program and JCE Accelerator Program to boost our growth and get good advice during our way forward. Check out the roles below and drop us a mail or just come by the office if you are interested!

Join Our Team

Do you want to be a part of our growing team? We are a small team of three and want to become more. Below you will find our currently open positions but don’t let that limit you. We save all applications we get and are always on the lookout for awesome new talents! Join us in the journey to create the best motorcycle app ever built!

App Developers – React Native

We are looking for interested, well-rounded developers to join our team and be a part of building an application aimed to serve the motorcycle community and achieve our end-goal, create a product that can save human lives. You will play an important part in our mobile development team, implementing new features, improving performance and building beautiful user interfaces. We are looking for React Native – mobile engineers and backend engineers with interested and knowledge in Firebase. If you’re interested let us know by sending us an email to:


Stena Center, Sweden

Holtermansgatan 1

411 29 Västra Götaland