Detecht | Detecht: A motorcycle saftey app, eCall for motorcycles. Automatisk krasch detektering.
Detecht: A Chalmers based company, that delivers a saftey application for motorcyclist. By using the smart phones sensor, we will automatically detect a motorcycle accident and inform your friends and family and SOS about your accident location. To bring you help as fast as possible. eCall for motorcycles will save lives.
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Help us help you

We are building the next lifesaver for motorcycle riders!

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Detecht’s goal is to protect and help all riders, no matter style, bike or speed limit.

Thats why we started Detecht, an app-based solution that will notice when you as a driver have been in an accident. Our app-software analyses the motorcyclists driving behaviour and will automatically identify an anomaly and send out an alarm message to your ICE-contacts and other app-users with the location and seriousness of the accident. With Detecht in your pocket you should never again feel as you are driving alone. We want you to ride on and have as much fun as possible and let Detecht erase thoughts such as: What if something goes wrong? What if I can’t larm myself or what if no one finds me? If something happens we are there to get you the help that you need as fast as possible!


Together with researchers from Chalmers University we are developing the next generations safety equipment for motorcyclists all over the world.


By signing up at the bottom of this page, we will put you on the list to be the first one to get the app. The app is now under test on Apple’s testflight, so if you want to try it out, please mention that when you sign up. 

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Our features are amazing, but with your input we could make them even better!

Crash Detection

The app detects accidents through analyzes of driving data and changes in the smartphone’s accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and GPS.

Emergency contacts

Chose your personal in case of emergency contacts (ICEs), that will be notified with relevant information in case of an accident.

Emergency center (PSAP)

Detecht will alert the nearest emergency center 60 seconds from the moment of an accident, informing them about the location and injury level of the rider. Allow the rescue team to arrive sooner and better prepared to the place of the accident.

Medical Data

By providing relevant medical information, such as blood type, allergies and other medical history, the emergency service will know what kind of medical treatment that could be needed already before arriving to the crash scene.

Live-Tracking & Routes

From now on, your loved ones will never need to worry for you. Show them exactly where you are once you turn on your live-tracking feature. Share your favorite routes and rank others, to find the best motorcycle routes near you!

Trip Statistics

With our interactive app you will be able to go back and track and revise your driving data. Discover 1000's of inspirational routes and plan for places to rest and refuel. Estimate what speed, lean angle and the routes you really appreciated.

Developed for motorcycle riders
by motorcycle riders

Our Solution needs your help

First of all we need to optimize the crash algorithm to be as safe as possible, and this is where you come in. We would be so happy if you would help us to gather the needed riding data so that we could finalize our algorithm and put it in the hands and pocket of every rider out there! All you have to do is download and turn on our app when you are driving!

By signing up at the top of this page, we will happily inform you about what you could do for us, and also what we offer in return. Download Logyard at App Store now.

Easy to use, one-click import

Once the algorithm is in place, we want to be their for you as a rider and for your loved ones worried sick about you. You should never again feel as you are driving alone. The days of riding solo, on a less trafficed road and you start thinking of the IF’s are gone.  Stop thinking that way, use Detecht!

Before your daily drive, its important that you put your phone on ride mode. This will get the sensors going and enable the crash algorithm to get the data needed to analyze if something uncommon happens. If something is detected we will be able to get you the help that you need in the time you need it! Minimizing the emergency respons time by 50% in most cases, and with hours in others.

All safety equipment today are aimed toward limiting the damages of an accident. But not to actually help you afterwards, thats why we created Detecht!


Optimize and prioritize the right way

SOS-alarm is today experiencing a lot of  problems with the amounts of calls and alarms they are getting.  Prioritizing different alarms and calls is in some cases extremely important to do, otherwise it could lead to the most devastating consequences…

By analyzing our riders driving data and how you move, due to speed, orientation, and distance from the ground etc. we could be able to predict how serious the accident is and what injuries it might have lead to.

Stay informed with the latests trends about our development

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Right now we are in the phase of optimizing our crash algorithm, to be able to develop the best possible solution for you as a rider we need your help! We would be highly appreciated if you would help us to gather mc-driving data, by using our Logyard app. By doing this, you will be treated as one of our earlybirds when we release next SPRING!