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Automatic Crash Detection for Motorcyclists

Now Available for iPhone and Android!


The Motorcycle App

That Will Save Lives

Detecht’s goal is to protect and help all riders, no matter style, bike or speed limit.

That’s why we started Detecht, an app-based automatic emergency alarm for motorcyclists. The motorcycle app analyses the motorcyclists driving behavior and will automatically identify an anomaly and send out an alarm message to your ICE-contacts and other app-users with the location and seriousness of the accident. With Detecht in your pocket you should never again feel as you are driving alone. We want you to ride on and have as much fun as possible and let Detecht erase thoughts such as: What if something goes wrong and I can’t alarm myself or what if no one finds me? If something happens, we are there to get you the help that you need as fast as possible! Download the motorcycle app at App Store and Google Play.

Automatic Crash Detection

The app detects accidents by analyzing driving data and changes in your smartphone’s accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and GPS.

Save, Share & Explore Routes

Get the awesome possibility to save your own routes and share this to your friends. Explore other users inspiring routes and plan for places to rest and refuel.

Personalized Profile And Friends

Track and revise your driving data,  meet new driving friends, chat and plan trips, compare your ride with your community. Don’t forget to brag about your special parts…

Developed for Motorcycle Riders by Motorcycle Riders


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